Welcome to White Shell Island Hotel & Spa

    I recall that the idea came to me during the last months of 2009, when the bill to allow guesthouses to be operated in inhabited islands of the Maldives was submitted to the People’s Majlis. Maafushi is my native island and I had been visiting the island a lot during weekends those days while working in Maldives Monetary Authority. I was swimming near the beach area, a place I always frequent when I am in Maafushi, when I saw the house that was under construction at the corner of the beach and suddenly visualised what it would look like as a guesthouse. Right then and there I decided to get the house. I immediately found out who owned it and, luckily he was a relative, agreed to the rent, MVR 10,000 per month,  and signed the contract within a week.

The owner had originally planned to rent it out to nurses and teachers, since those were the usual tenants you would find in Maafushi back then. It was a huge risk and I knew that going in. After renting the house, I refurnished it completely, changed the exterior, installed air conditioners and connected the sewage pipes to the central sewerage system that had been installed by Red Crescent in the island. I managed to register the White Shell Beach Inn at the Ministry of Tourism in 2010. It wasn’t just the first guesthouse in Maafushi, it was the first registered guesthouse in any inhabited island of the Maldives.

Ahmed Naseer


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